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Amanda Tapping played the role of a high-ranking angel in the American television series Supernatural. She was strict and would give you a slapping if you’ve been a naughty human being or a fallen angel. In the real world though, she’s this wild evil bitch ready to pounce on either male or female, pleasing them the best way she can like what she did to a BFF in this video. She doesn’t use her fist for violence, rather, to give pleasure until her fuck partner reaches Nirvana! Fist-fucking a chick’s cunt is one of her specialties, she playfully admits.

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August 16th, 2010 by ms.amanda

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Sci-fi enthusiasts all over the world had once fallen for Amanda Tapping and of course it couldn’t be helped that we have this occasional lurid fantasies about her and looking back on those days can still make us stiff underneath. But those feelings have been rekindled when we got hold of these Amanda Tapping goodies that made us go loco and it’s not the typical nude pictures you get to see everyday over the internet, we have here the hottest and the raunchiest hardcore photos of Amanda as she takes on these guys for some serious hardcore fucking in bed and she’s one awesome sex machine most especially when she fancies an orgy with some of these lucky studs! If you want to see more fucking hot Amanda Tapping nude pictures, just click on the link.

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Amanda Tapping was every sci-fi nerd’s fantasy during the height of her popularity, and she still is one fine hot MILF today even though she may not so active on television since her Stargate and Sanctuary series ended. See this hot actress get her fuck holes plugged with the meanest and hungriest cocks while she savored having their poles inside of her. If we had a swell time drooling and jerking off over these pictures, then you guys will definitely have a ball unloading your wad with our exclusive photo collection.

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April 21st, 2010 by ms.amanda

Hello, this is Amanda Tapping writing here as a guest of this blog!  How are all my fans doing out there?  I know you’ve been missing Stargate and the Stargate universe, and maybe I’ll be doing another Stargate made-for-TV movie again so you’ll see more of me on the Syfy channel soon!  Meanwhile I do hope you pick up the Sanctuary boxed set for your DVDs, I really had fun starring and executive producing that show.  Too bad it didn’t last that long!

Well, I’m here because there’s been a lot of pictures here posted about me and my supposedly ‘hardcore’ ways.  Well, I want to reassure the public that all of it is true!  Yes, I do like a bit of sex once in a while and I definitely am not ashamed of that!  It’s cold up in Canada you know and we need a lot of activity that can heat up the body!

My favorite position has got to be the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl.  As long as I’m the one on top!  I guess a bit of domination does come into the equation, but mostly I like the freedom of being on top and moving my body any way I like to.  You can’t move around a lot if you’re the person under the pounding, and I prefer riding the cock to being pinned in a missionary position.  Shocking?  I guess it must be, so I won’t be boring you any longer with details of my sexual escapades.  Just make sure to check out Amanda Tapping Nude if you want to find out more of what I’m up to outside of my TV shows!  Toodleoo!

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Amanda Tapping may be considered as one of those actresses who is often associated with sci-fi-movies or TV series. But little did we know that this gorgeous celebrity has one secret that she tried to keep but unfortunately guys like us in this biz are on the constant prowl for these celebs and their secret life… and now having to let the entire world know what kind of sleaze this babe holds is our main concern, and now you get to see them stripped and exposed… literally. So brace yourselves for more of Amanda Tapping and her hot topless pictures.

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Amanda Tapping is one of the most prominent faces in the sci-fi world for her performance in Stargate SG-1 as Samantha Carter, but that will all soon change when we show you these very revealing and explicit pictures of one naked Amanda as she gets herself twisted in different positions while these lucky dudes get to stuff her pussy and tight ass with their throbbing cocks for one steamy hardcore fuck session! And these hardcore photos are enough proof that she can be the ultimate sex slut in the entire universe that you will truly love and enjoy.

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Things are getting a bit hot and sweaty right now and we are starting to look at Amanda Tapping in a very different way since we have uncovered yet again another treasure trove of sleazy goodies filled with kinky goodness as Amanda gets really freaky with her time behind the lights and camera while she enjoys a kink or two with some of her pals. Check out these various naughty sleazy images of Amanda Tapping that we have gathered and you’re in for one special treat that will make you sizzle underneath from start to finish.

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Listen up all you Amanda Tapping fans out there (including those from the geek community), we have in our possession some of these exciting stuff about your favorite Stargate SG-1 star and no she’s not doing another sci-fi TV series nor a follow-up to Stargate Continuum but this is something you will truly love guys and now you get to see the lovely Amanda shedding off her uniform and displaying those “bare essentials” that will surely rock the entire universe with these steamy nude pictures that you’ll be getting to see for the first time!

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