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Amanda Tapping is an English-born Canadian actress and producer who is well-known for her string of roles and appearances in several hit sci-fi TV series. She attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute where she excelled in environmental science and drama. When she graduated in 1984, Amanda decided to focus her attention on drama and attended the University of Windsor School for the Dramatic Arts in Windsor, Ontario. After finishing her drama course, she continued to study theatrical arts while performing in several stage productions and she eventually appeared in TV commercials and played a variety of roles in movie and television productions such as The X-Files and The Outer Limits. She had also formed a comedy troupe called “Random Acts” with collaborators Katherine Jackson and Anne Marie Kerr in the early 90’s. Amanda is best known for her character as Samantha Carter in the sci-fi TV series Stargate SG-1 which debuted in 1997. With the cancellation of SG-1, she reprised her role on Stargate Atlantis as the new commander for the Atlantis expedition but her role on the series was soon reduced that of “special guest star” on the show’s fifth season with only occasional appearances since she was focusing her attention on the development of a new series on the Sci-Fi Channel called Sanctuary. The show is made up of 13 episodes which expanded from an original show that was released on the internet in 2007 as a series of eight “webisodes” where the bulk of the scenery and the characters are entirely shot on green screen and was heavy on CGI creations. Amanda serves as both star and Executive Producer of the show. In 2007, she won a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Actress for her role in the short film Breakdown.

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